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    Hey this is john Director of Talent Management with The Art Of Present.
    After years of developing real world networks across the globe we are ready to launch major campaigns.
    Ultra, dj mag, Crosstown Rebels, dirtybird. Just to name some you might be familiar with; also major agencies.
    We are focused on being actively involved with the community.
    Encourage everyone to contact us in regards to your set or release for our current campaign.
    Remember though one of our primary goals is quality over quantity as many of our partners.
    What does that mean for you? It means after we receive your content and information we will review you/it in great detail.

    As we are preparing for major campaigns.
    It will include artist promotions, contest and much much more.
    Make sure to share/like/follow/join the pages to ensure that you recive current information.

    Our current campaign is;
    Establishing relations with DJ's and producers abroad.
    We are focused on helping DJ's and producers via advisor free to the community.
    Please contact us and include as much information as possible so we can asses your situation.
    Include all promo materials aka links to websites/soundcloud/mixclouds and a biography with goals.
    This campaign is focused on upcoming talent.
    Our next campaign, Coming very soon;
    Online Contest DJ Competition.
    Prize valued at $899.00
    facebook community group
    Soundcloud Dropbox/Group

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    DJ Contest / Competition Information released.

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