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    Default Traktor Force Refresh Applescript

    I found this:
    force Tractor Pro to reload the metadata from your tags
    It supposedly erases the date modified properties in your nml file which tricks Traktor into refreshing ID3 info.
    At first It didn't seem to work for me. However, I've discovered more recently after manually upgrading to 2.7.1 that it does update the cover art, which has been handy.

    I wrote an applescript to run it

    1. Download textwrangler
    2. Download this file Traktor ID3
    3. Unzip and open Traktor ID3 refresh.applescript file in applescript editor.
    4. Edit the variable named "NmlLocation". This is where you need to put the location of your collections.nml.

      • it's in the first line which i've highlighted in pink below.
      • This needs to use colons instead of a slash(unix path) to separate the directories.
      • Also, don't forgot that this has to change when you upgrade from 2.xx to 2.xx because when traktor upgrades,it keeps versions side by side in your native instruments folder.

    5. backup nml file (very important!!!!)
    6. compile ( this makes sure it it doesn't have any errors)
    7. Run the script
    8. open Traktor (it should say it's updating on the status bar

    keep this around just in case you manually upgrade like i do. I have yet to get service center to upgrade Traktor

    set NmlLocation to "Users:usernameXXX:Music:Native Instruments:Traktor 2.7.1:collection.nml" -- change the location here
    tell application "TextWrangler" to activate
    tell application "TextWrangler"
    open NmlLocation
    tell application "TextWrangler" to replace "MODIFIED_DATE=\"[^\"]*\" MODIFIED_TIME=\"[^\"]*\"" using "" searching in text 1 of text document 1 options {search mode:grep, starting at top:true, wrap around:false, backwards:false, case sensitive:false, match words:false, extend selection:false}
    save document 1 to NmlLocation
    end tell
    I hope this works for someone


    It didn't mess up anything for me but that doesn't mean it won't for you. Use at your own risk. Don't blame me if it doesn't work or messes anything up for you.

    Update 12/18/2014
    info: I've made some clarifications and added a attached file for use.
    I didn't think to mention that the versions changed
    Plus at first i didn't see any difference at first and now i changed my mind
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