Setup Advice. Adding A Turntable
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    Default Setup Advice. Adding A Turntable

    My current setup is Ableton Live 7 on a Windows laptop and a couple of midi controllers. I want to add a turntable into my setup.

    I could obviously run my Ableton output through one channel of a DJ mixer and my turntable through another channel. I may settle for this.

    How difficult would it be to run the turntable through the mixer and into Ableton for recording / on the fly editing?

    Can anyone advise how I could set this up? I imagine it will take the use of an external soundcard and some cables. Other than that, I'm lost!

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    i'm not sure of your setup, but i'm assuming you're running the outputs of your soundcard into your mixer?

    if you want to use the table for cuts or anything that requires the mixer, what you need to do is hook the turntable to the input of the mixer, and the output (master out) to the input of your soundcard. then in ableton you just need to select the input you're running the mixer into.

    if you just want the table by itself, and if your soundcard has preamps (i know the audio 4/8 does, maybe audio 2?), you can run the table straight into your soundcard. / /
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    Audio2 doesn't have any inputs, just two outs, or one stereo out
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