I have a problem with Traktor scrtacth and my audio 6 box.

It has been fine for the last 6 months and iv never had a problem with it. I play out once a week and no trouble

The last 2 days at gigs, when i got to calibrate, Deck B will say calib failed and keep flashing above the track deck, the weird thing is i can still click play on the cdj cue and scratch, just the pitch fader doesn't really let me change tempo unless i change master tempo and it keeps flashing calib failed but kinda still works?

After playing around and clicking calib for ages it finally worked but then switched to deck A and played up on there for a while before finally i had them both working?

Why is this, i have never had a problem with it before, it keeps saying calib failed but they still work and the only major problem is the tempo?

Many thanks