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    Itch was meant to be something totally different than Traktor - Itch is lent heavily towards the traditional TT paradigm, that's why Itch is (controller-wise) one of the best emulation of this paradigm available...

    But now Serato is moving Itch into the direction of Traktor Pro... I'm really curious how this will work out

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    Got my vci-300 today and so far I LOVE IT! I have a vci-100 and traktor 1.2 and I really like that setup but I was looking for something that felt more like turntables. this thing is perfect. I might keep Traktor and use it with my Oxygen and just get rid of the VCI-100. If the VCI-100 was 14-bit midi and cic scratches in next to real time I would be 100% on the 100. Unfortunately the latency was to much for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morbido View Post
    but if there will be a stock mapping from A&H or NI for the xone: dx then i'm pretty sure i will be mostly using traktor!
    Theres bound to be a mapping from A&H but i can guarantee that NI will not be making a mapping for it.

    Regardless, it will be very easy to map for Traktor, probably easier than for Itch.

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