Macbook Pro and Komplete 10
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    Default Macbook Pro and Komplete 10

    So was thinking it's about time for a new laptop and was checking out the new Macbook Pro's.

    Komplete 10 has over 440gb of data. Can it just run off the hard drive it comes with?

    The 128gb of storage space scares the hell out of me.

    Basically I'd have Maschine, Live, Traktor, Komplete, Adobe Creative Suite and uhm World of Warcraft installed as software.. Think that's mainly it.

    Is it possible to install and run software from external drives on the new laptops?
    Doesn't it sort of defeat the purpose of making it small if I have to have 3 external hard drives for the damn thing?

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    If you want to have all of that installed buy a USB3, or preferably a Thunderbolt external case and install a 1 TB Samsung EVO SSD in it for your sample library.
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    it can't be ran off the hard drive, which is a big fail as the software becomes larger and larger, it would be great as an option to buy Komplete ultimate 10 on a thunderbolt with no or very little installation and everything just ran off the drive

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