Soundcloud is a worthless POS
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    Default Soundcloud is a worthless POS

    So I started uploading a back catalog of my original productions and one kept not publishing.... So I renamed and re uploaded... Content removed for copyright infringement... I listen to track is says its in a copyright infringement on and low and behold its percussion sounds almost identical to that of my track... So I check the release date of the track and its a 2014 track... That's funny my track is one I did in 2007-2008 so I running through my head where I would of got the percussion samples from and i believe it's likely a old loop master DVD... So now do I dispute the track or carry on and do nothing... I'm half wondering if the tracks leads and pads and bass are the same as mine because it seems rather odd to judge copyright based on percussion since percussion samples are recycled so much...

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    I would be laughing if the whole track was a copy of mine especially since I know I had published it prior back when on a few forums

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    So after purchasing track in question its a track that is based solely off of loops from that sample dvd like What The Heck seriously
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    So I ran my track and the track in question through rekordbox and well percussion is damn near identical haha

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    Don't keep trying to upload it, they'll lock your account.

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    I know I haven't once I got the notice I'm just on the fence about going through the hassle of disputing it

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    And I am somewhat shocked that their copyright system is picking up percussion since a large amount of producers use somewhat the same samples or samples disks.. I suppose I could dig out the project file and run some different percussion a or some LFO/PWM On the percussion to change it

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    Soundcloud is dead. Open yourself a bandcamp
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    Check out www.HearThis.At as well. I am slowing migrating all my stuff from SoundCloud to HearThis.


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