Traktor Pro 2 lagging problem
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    Default Traktor Pro 2 lagging problem

    Hi guys,

    I'm experiencing some trouble with some songs lagging into the track decks when I'm playing 2 songs at the same time.
    I've covered the CPU and beatmaching problem.
    I have the last version of traktor pro software so it can't be because of an update that I have to make.
    I tried to close all other applications, restart my computer, turned the wifi and bluetooth off.
    I unchecked "enable the multi-core processor support"
    Still lagging...

    Don't know how this fix this issue and it drives me crazy, I have an important gig coming soon and It HAS the work
    I'm working on Mac OS 10.9.5 with a traktor s4 mk2 (soundcard integrated)

    If anybody experienced the same problem and found a solution please help !


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    Are you sure your latency isnīt a bit too low? Try selecting your Mac's audio interface in the settings to check if the problem is your S4 or the software

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