Why cant I post my DJ sets on Youtube?
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    Default Why cant I post my DJ sets on Youtube?

    I really dont know why Youtube hits it users with a copyright infringement notice. If I legally purchased the music I can go to a club and play my music without any problems. I dont understand what the problem is can someone explain this to me in non lawyers speak. If this post starts to spirial downwards mods please lock it thanks.
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    The club pays royalties. Similar to a cover band. A cover band can play covers in the club but they cannot sell an album of said covers without getting rights..

    I have 10 or so mixes posted to youtube without issue, I get notices but I agree and they leave the mix up but add links to buy the songs in the info section.

    Sounds like you are playing tunes from the major labels and they don't like their music shared in such a manner.

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    Buying music doesn't give you that right unfortunately, the above user basically nailed it.

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    Youtube does give you the option to remove the part of the mix that is being flagged without taking the whole video down. This is obviously not an ideal solution, but it is better than nothing. I usually upload my audio as a private upload first, to see if anything gets flagged. If there is any flagging that prevents my video from being viewed I can go back and take those tracks out of my mix.
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    I've had a mixed experience with this. I think certain labels police those kind of websites with more scrutiny than others because sometimes I post a mix and don't hear anything from YT about.

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    Havent seen much of this but it might be comming.


    In the countries where digital DJ licensing is used, the license is also required for playing music originally bought and downloaded directly on to a computer, usually in mp3 or similar format, unless the license of the online music store explicitly allows the public performance of the downloaded tracks.[3]

    thankful im pushing towards playing originals of myself and friends rather then play out other peoples stuff.

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