What cables for pio djm850 send return
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    Default What cables for pio djm850 send return

    Hey y'all, I bought a re20 space echo guitar pedal to use for tape delay effects with my 850 mixer. I need to know which cables for the mixer?

    The echo calls for 1/4" phone jack cables in the manual.

    The problem is i don't know if the mixer has ts or trs input/outputs, thus I don't know which to buy. Or if I need an adaptor. Please tell me which cables to buy. Thanks

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    the send/return should be 1/4 inch

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    I don't think it matters whether you use TS or TRS.

    The pedal should be TS, since all guitar connections are TS. So, it won't get any benefit from using balanced cables. There are also 2 ways to do that circuitry on the mixer side. The much more common one will accept either TS or TRS cables....and you just don't get the benefits of a balanced signal if you use TS cables (or an unbalanced processor anywhere in that chain). The other way can damage the mixer if you short the ring and sleeve contacts together, which happens if you use TS cables.

    But the manual will warn you about it if that's the case.

    If it were me, I'd just use whichever I had an extra 4 of lying around....which right now is TRS.

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