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    Hope I'm posting in the right place for 2 different questions..'m trying to find out where i can get clips for the Novation Launchpad. Please help. I want more than what comes with ableton. Im looking for clips for trance/progressive.....I'm also going to buy the launch pad as well and and a akai mpd16. But my next question is should i get a launchpad s or just a regular launchpad or the mini....what do you think?

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    The idea of the launchpad is to grant control over Ableton Live's Session View (Clips). You asking for "more clips" indicates that you have not really fully understood the complexity of what the Launchpad at least CAN do. Ableton is a full DAW, which means it's made to create/produce or manipulate songs. The launchpad is made to launch and stop clips, which can be any audio one-shots or loops (samples). So it seems like the term for what you are searching for is "samples" in a wide manner. Just google "free samples" and you will find tons. You can also buy them from beatport, vengeance, loopmasters etc, but those are not exactly cheap. Some people seem to be very tempted by the idea of just "launching samples", but I think that's not really what the launchpad is good at. It's good at performing your own songs or remixes. So the brilliant idea is not the possibility to have 64 media players with a start/stop button each, but the huge DAW behind it allowing great productions. Also if you only launch "random" clips one on the other it might sound good enough for your entertainment, but never really any good. This is simply, because music production is a lot more than playing any guitar riff to any piano chord and some background vocals and a lead.

    I'd highly advice you to download the free Ableton Live demo ( and play with it a bit before buying any controller (keyboard, launchpad, Push, APC, MPC, LPK, wheter...).

    Both launpads are the same except for the size. So it is just a matter of taste which one you prefer.

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