Technics Calibration - No hole for adjusting zero point! Any suggestions?
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    Default Technics Calibration - No hole for adjusting zero point! Any suggestions?

    I have had a pair of 1210 M3Ds for over 10 years.

    This weekend I went to calibrate them for the first time with a multimeter, as the 0 point and +6.6 are slightly off.

    Anyway, on the first time of taking off the back cover, the hole for adjusting the 0 point on the back of the pitch fader is missing. There is a black dot (like a permanent marker), but no drilled hole.

    The pitch range can easily be changed from the main front board.

    I've tried searching all over the internet and cannot find anyone mentioning this. Just posts of people with the same model, who have successfully calibrated the decks.

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    You have to take the fader OUT of the turntable, and adjust it from above.
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    Patch is correct.

    Remove the two screws that secure the pitch assembly to the chasis, remove the pitch knob from the stem (on topside) then the assembly should be loose with enough slack on the wires to turn it over while keeping it connected. You should see the adjustment pot immediately.

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    I have seen the pitch with the hole in the bottom of the board as you mentioned but it is less common than the one you have put the pic of for some reason.

    I would say i've had around 20 Technics decks open and have only came across the hole in the bottom of the board once or twice.

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