Merge/Blend different mappings... possible?
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    Default Merge/Blend different mappings... possible?

    I mean... Is it possible to pick and choose different FX settings from 2 different mappings?

    Because Im currently using the DeckGrat mapping, and Id like to add 1 (if not a couple) of the new one button mashup mappings.

    Would that be possible? What would it be the easiest way for a non-very techie guy?


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    The only easy way would be to have some one who already knows midi mapping in Traktor do it for you. Using Xtreme Mapping (Mac) would make the job easier for that person, but you still have to know what you are doing.

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    If you ony want to add a few 1-button mappings, just delete all of the lines relating to the buttons you want to assign the 1-button mapppings to from your MAIN .tsi, and import the NEW single button .tsi's as single mappings.

    Should be too tough... Just add a new "IN" to your main mapping as the button you want to assign the 1-button mapping to, then sort on Midi IN, and delete all of the lines from your main mapping that relate to that button.

    Then, import the 1-buttonmapping, and assign your (now un-mapped) button.

    OR - you could set up a modifier so that you don't even have to un-map any buttons. What controlle are you currently using?
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