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    Does anybody have a good source or know where I can learn more about studio foam, accoustics, general studio layouts, (size of rooms, what works where, etc,)??? I'm in the middle of building a custom bench to house all my gear. Need to know more. Thanks guys.

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    Check out the guides on Ethan winer's real traps website. Also sound on sound magazine has a good acoustics forum on their site.

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    A quick thing to do is sit in the listening position with your monitors in place, and have a friend slide a mirror along the walls on the sides of the room while you watch in the reflection. As you see your monitors come into view in the mirror take note of the position on the wall, this will be a sound reflection point and you can dampen the reflection in the listening position by simply by hanging something like a thick blanket or curtain, or a bookcase, anything really to soak up the reflection and dampen its reach to the listening position.

    This obviously isn't going to give u a perfect situation, but it's an easy place to start, and u can make a noticeable difference in room noise with things u likely have lying around the house.
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