Some live streaming to kick start
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    Default Some live streaming to kick start

    After a 6 year break from
    Live broadcast I have been asked to join underground sounds Regina. They are trying to get a new scene started here in mixlr

    From 2001-2008 I was involved heavily with various internet radio stations and broadcasted weekly and monthly on a few different ones... Starting in October I was asked to be Involved with a crew startig out In Regina. Those not familiar with this country prairie city there is little to no scene.... Taking to social media and club gigs has formed into launching weekly broadcasts from local djs of a more refined sound then mainstream EDM as we are familiar with. Our goal is to do monthly multiple
    Dj live broadcasts from a local club... To reach this goal we need the support like us on Facebook and enjoy the tunes to follow... That is all hopefully I don't get cursed too much for posting here instead of appropriate sub form...

    That is all please enjoy thank you

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    tuning in for a bit mate. in future pls post these in the mixes section
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    Haha I know it should of been but mixes doesn't get the traffic general does but it sat in general for a bit maybe got some traffic hope enjoyed mix

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    https// here's the set in full

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    Default not me but are live at it again from the prairie town of Regina

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