How to introduce electronic music to a latin city?
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    Default How to introduce electronic music to a latin city?

    Is a thread that i don't find anywhere in the web. I am very stucked on my dj career because people in my city (and my region), are not used to electronic music. They listen to other genres like "cumbia" or "reggaeton", only a few songs (the most commercial ones), are played at the discos. Any dj or producer around here have achieve the hard challenge of making your crowd change their tastes in music? hahaha. Sorry for my bad english, i am from argentina, from a little city called posadas, which not as big as buenos aires, where the "electronic culture" is established, but is not the predominant music in the most of discos. thank you for your time, any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Find a genre that people can dance and feel "natural" about it! Some nice tracks from Chilean producer Luciano are Latin based and people will dance to them. Also keep in mind to use tracks with vocals in it, people tend to accept more easily tracks that have some voice. And try to find some spanish spoken accapellas that people can relate to.
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    There's plenty of Latin house out there either just having a Latin sound/musical sense or Spanish vocals. That would likely be your best bet. From there you could begin branching out a bit...
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    Latin house is really fun and it's often the genre I use to get people to dance if I'm unsure of their preferences, most people seem to be pretty friendly towards it.
    If you're looking for an example, listen to this:

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