Vestax VCI-400 EGE sound problems.
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    Default Vestax VCI-400 EGE sound problems.

    Hello I recently brought a Vestax VCI-400 EGE.
    All my music collection is MP3 320KBPS brought from beatport etc.
    So I have the following problem: when I play a song it sounds really awful like really low bass/mids/highs or in general really bad sound quality. NOTE: Not to all the songs I get this behavior only for a part of them.
    When I run the song through a program like foobar it sounds normal.

    So any idea what's the problem?

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    More information is needed to help you.

    Computer specs.
    Os & software versions.
    Ram, latency and settings.

    MacBookPro 11,1 | i5 2,4GHz | 16 GB RAM | 256 GB SSD
    MacOSX 10.15.x | TraktorPro 3.x | VCI-100 SE FW 1.4 | VCI-400 SE (EGE)

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