Real DAW crack?
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Thread: Real DAW crack?

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    Default Real DAW crack?

    I just read a thread where someon mentions the crack. I have no intention to disrespect people who created DAW or those who prefer to get the software ilegally, but since it's obvious that i can't afford one, it seems i have to "steal" the software from the internet. paying 300bucks minimum for a software is not something i can really afford. i have also spent my money on the dj hardware so it;s impossible for me to get the DAW as for now. those webs are just frauds, i've waited 3-4 hours for it to download, and in the end it didn't work. i wish to ask where can i download a real ableton live 9, logic pro x 10, or fl studio 11. just either one. i understand all about the lack of respect from cracking a DAW, but it's just too expensive for me. please, deeply, i need help.

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    Oh gosh it's always me that has to open these posts and deal with them

    This forum does not condone or enable the use of cracks. Do not ask for such a thing again or your will be banned. Period.
    This is not up for discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gotzeus View Post
    i need help.
    No, you need a job. Buy the damn software.


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