A way to link songs in tractor???
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    Default A way to link songs in tractor???

    Is there a way to link songs in traktor? As in when i play a song can i link it to some other songs that i think go well with it? Like a smart playlist or something. I don't just wanna make playlists with sets of two songs that go well together. This way in my set if i wanna go different directions i can have some good options depending on where I'm trying to go. Does this question make sense? and if it does, does anyone know anything like this i can do? Thanks

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    You need to download and try Rapid Evolution.

    It's a database for DJ's hat you run alongside your DJ software:

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    Not really. That's kind of what the DJ is for.

    No offense, I've thought about that too. But all the things I've tried wound up more trouble than they were worth.

    The best I got was to give each song a 'tag' (which was just the number of the order I added them to the system in). If I noticed a mix was really good, I added sentinels and tags to both tracks in comments.

    So if A(#101) goes well into B(#345), I'd add -345 to the end of A's comments and 101- to the end of B's comments. I figured it would be easy to be playing song #248 and search for -248 in my collection....but it was always faster to just not bother.

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    I've never actually used it but the ios version of traktor has a recommendation box based on things like key and genre.

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