Does anybody change their songs Key?
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    Default Does anybody change their songs Key?

    After watching the recent video on the s8 on the front page I discovered that you can set the key for a song, I never even thought about that, key-lock is pretty amazing alone. Does anybody use the function to change the keys of their songs?

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    Yep. It works.

    Traktor's time-stretching will do fine +/- 1 semitone. Past that, it can sound pretty bad. But, you get more wiggle room if you're adjusting both tempo and key in the same direction. One semitone change correlates to about 6% tempo, so if you happen to be moving the tempo that far and adjusting the key in the same direction by a semitone, the time-stretching is doing almost you can go another one or so before you get artifacts. works, just listen to it in critically your headphones to make sure it still sounds good.

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