I load up traktor, and it works for the first little bit, and then out of nowhere the drag and drop feature stops. I can't drag anything from collection to playlists. It also disables dragging on my OS X Yosemite dock, and in iTunes. But things like desktop dragging remain fine.

It only happens after I load traktor. I have to restart my computer before it goes back to normal. Then I'll load up Traktor again, and the same thing will happen after 5-10 minutes. Any idea what's going on? I tried re-installing Traktor and downloading every single device hardware incase I missed something.. nope still have the issue.

Background ::

Had OS X Yosemite on my MBP running fine before, but recently had to do a re-install of the operating system. Now that everything's back up and running I'm encountering this new problem. I think this version is newer than what I had, before I was running 2.7.0 and since my re-install of Yosemite, it looks like it moved to 2.7.1.

Please help me out!