Filming in a Nightclub (Bournemouth, UK)
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    Default Filming in a Nightclub (Bournemouth, UK)

    A question a bit different to the usual on the general forum...

    I am creating a short documentary on Nightlife in Bournemouth which is non-profit.

    How would I go about getting in contact with the nightclub to get permission to shoot for a couple of hours? Anything to include, structure would be great.

    Website of the club: (some of you locals may know it )

    P.S I go to this club regularly so know it very well



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    If you go there regularly, why not just talk to the promoters/managers directly?

    Tell them what about your project, what you aim for, what you want from them, and, last but not least, what's in it for them.

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    Tell them you will provide them with the video as promotion when you are done.

    They will gladly welcome any photographer or videographer who will shoot for free!

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