Timeline based sequencing software with beat matching
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    Default Timeline based sequencing software with beat matching

    I have been an active user of Mixmeister Fusion for making DJ mixes at home, but the software no longer works with my new computer!

    Can you recommend any software that lets me lay down tracks on a timeline and have control over the transitions between the tracks?

    I don't want to make a live DJ mix. I want to carefully build one that I can export as an MP3 for future listening.


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    Ableton Live Intro is capable of what you want, but I'm under the impression that it's less automatic (and more powerful) than mixmeister fusion.

    If you want to go even more manual, Audacity will do what you want for free. But it's a very different experience that I don't really recommend.

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    I'd 100 % go with Ableton Intro. Although another alternative is Acid Pro, not too sure how it is these days though.

    You don't mention if you are on Windows or Mac

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    Ableton... but i know what you're taking about with Mixmeister and its kind of a feature that ableton does not use real well.

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    It is a bit cryptic in its instructions but it is bounds and leaps beyond anything else.
    The ONE DJ

    If you want to put the time to discover hidden functions and controls, you would like this one.
    For instance, you copy a full folder content into a player (that you already had the software to analyze), and the ONE loads all for you, placing them in multitrack form.
    So you may listen to a whole batch of music, discarding those that don't fit, and placing those that do together.

    And about the performance FLOW, well... it took me months, but it is just totally Superb!!!
    You load a track or two into a player, press the edit button and voilá multitrack timeline edit mode. Move the resolution as you want with right-click AND (the nowhere to find, luck') ctrl-clik. With both of then and clicking on the right spot of the drawn wave... you just go to the full multitrack or the minutest detail in microseconds!!
    Bear in mind that the player you are acting in... you may size it the size of your full screen or as big as you like.
    I havve to make a video, just cant believe this FLOW is nowehere to be seen online...
    Anyways, take a look and behold:

    You do need a powerful CPU+ RAM and SSD, but at 2014 this is cheaper than most pioneer single units, so...

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    I also used to use Mixmeister back in the day and now use Ableton (but not for mixes). If you do go down the Ableton route, which I would also recommend) and you are using MP3s, make sure you install Quicktime, other wise the MP3s wont load. I'm using Windows, dont know if this applies to MACs as well.

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