[House] One-hour House/Tech House/Techno mix with some original music
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    Cool One-hour House/Tech House/Techno mix with some original music

    Hey guys, I haven't posted mixes on here in a while but this mix I'm particularly proud of so I want to share!


    1. Huxley - Callin' (Tortango Remix feat. JAM ESP)
    2. Juliet Fox - I Got You (Original Mix) [Cajual Records]
    3. Caserta - Dynamics (Original Mix) [Razor-N-Tape Records]
    4. Solarstone - Seven Cities (Solaris Heights Mix)chri [Hooj Choons]
    5. Brett Johnson - Open Your Heart (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]
    6. Jimmy Le Mac - Deeper (Original Mix) (Original Mix) [Micropope]
    7. Lee Curtiss - I Can Hear You Arthur (Original)
    8. Alexis Raphael - Who's Chorge.? (Original Mix) [Moda Black]
    9. Chris Rusu - Vortex (Original Mix) [SCI+TEC]
    10. The Youngsters - Third Knife (Matthias Tanzmann Remix) [2020Vision]
    11. Luke Meader - More Or Less (Original Mix) (Original Mix) [Micropope]
    12. Gillepsy - Click Party (Remix)
    13. T.lec, Be Alexander - Bring It (Original Mix) [Musica Gourmet]
    14. Mome - Gang & Gang (Original Mix) [4Lux Black]
    15. Lisa Shaw, Lovebirds - Holdin On feat. Lisa Shaw (The Shapeshifters Stripped Remix) [Defected]
    Would love to hear any feedback you all have since this mix is a good example of how I DJ in general. Thanks!
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