Hi guys!

Just a quick tip i have found out, may help a few people as i found it quite useful

I found that if you clip an S4 decksaver upside down to the bottom of a Traktor Kontrol S4, then it becomes the height of a technics 1210. If you place the decksaver the right way up but underneath the controller, then it becomes the height of CDJs.

Just a silly little trick i found, hope it can help some people out that are trying to raise it up. It is also helpful as in a busy booth, it gets the decksaver used for protection for transport out the way, and stops it being left laying around in the booth for people to trip or knock over

I attached a pic of my CDJ 2000 nexus players alongside my old S4, with the decksaver placed underneath it, and as you can see it is perfectly flush. I also found that a little duck tape along the rim of the traktor can completely stop movement, making it very stable also.

Hope you find it useful! not sure if this applies to any other controllers but its worth a try!IMG_7407.jpgIMG_7410.jpg