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    Let's see some lighting rigs in action here's mine for a cabaret I'm doing tonight

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    Give us a list of the fixtures?

    Are you using a DMX controller/software? (doesn't look like it).

    Lasers galore

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    Nope no Dmc haven't ventured there yet but have started to play with it some ..... Big Dipper k800 us then red and green laser, and a blue red twinkling star American Dj mini gressor 2, American Dj aggressor hex, and an American Dj tri gem led.

    Just recently thinking about only usuing the aggressor and k800 in DMX mode and only those two fixtures and maybe a wash setup... Too many lights look kinda cheesy

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    I wouldn't mind an animation laser or one that has stepper motors good enough to push down tunnels and such to throw on the wall or celling.... But I don't do nearly enough gigs to justify a $1000 lighting fixture especially since the Canadian dollar has kinda been shitting the bed

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