MZ Sound Pack Player or alternative?
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    Default MZ Sound Pack Player or alternative?

    Is there a direct download somewhere the to beta sound pack player? I have no problem buying a set of Mad Zach's sound packs if the player comes with it, but I didn't see it listed in any of the product details. I don't want to buy a pack and have nothing to play them in.

    If not is there any other free software out there to send sound packs to for finger drumming? Most of my forum searches came up with just downloading free trials of software, but I'd prefer not to do that if possible.

    I just picked up a nanopad2 for cheap and have gotten tired of using it with garageband, and would like some custom mapping and sound packs. I'm new to the controllerism world and apologize if my questions seem dumb.

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    It's included if you buy any of the first 2 Sound Pack Volumes from Zach. Keep in mind the player is OS X only, there is no Windows build.

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    I re-watched the sound packs vol 2 video and saw it had an annotation that the beta is closed (at 3:43ish). Are you still positive I will be able to get it if I buy one of the first two sound-packs?

    Thanks for your guidance!

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    While im a very big advocate of supporting such a helpful dude like mad Z, you can also download the full version of ableton live from their website as a trial. After 30 days you will just no longer be able to save a project until you purchase a license. If all you are using it for is drumming its perfect.

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    Thanks for the info...and I talked to someone at DJTT using the live chat and confirmed that vol 1 & 2 still come with the player software for OSX.

    So I think after I finish my diy mid controller in January I'll go ahead and buy a sound pack to mess around with before jumping to full DJ software.

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