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    Default Newb's setup !!

    Hey guys,

    I'm here to learn, not get flamed at. Yes - I'm a complete newb to the Dj world. No denying that. I've a long way to go. Any advice, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem will be appriciated.

    I had some cheap as decks in my teens, circa the year 2000. I gave up as the equipment was sh*t, I preferred to listen to good mixes instead of repeatedly listening to my own "train crash sh*t" ..... and ..... i didn't have the patience.

    skip forward 15 years, and at 29 (30 in less than a fortnight :S) and I've decided to give it a go again.

    I've set myself up with some basic, but capable (in my eyes) equipment
    Built myself a functioning ikea desk.
    And putting in some practice ....

    Equipment -

    A pair of CDJ 400's
    DJM 400
    Pair of HDJ 1000's
    Denon Mc2000
    Serato (upgraded to the full version)

    I had a set of b2031a's organised to pick up couple of days ago, but they sold them before I got there

    So I bought the denon/serato instead - lol. Probably a bad decision, but I wanted it to bring out by the pool on weekends to practice more.

    Just using a Sony HiFi at the minute. I've dropped a lot of cash on all this in about a week, so the monitors might need to go on the back burner for a bit

    I'm still learning to beatmatch, and doing so-so successfully ..... Well, I am cheating and looking a grids etc in serato, but not using the sync button.
    I am starting to get the hang of what to listen for. Soon I'm hoping to not have to use them at all.

    anyway, here's some pics. Let me know what you think.
    Going to get some artwork, lights etc next.

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    Invest on a couple of studio monitors for speakers

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    Better than mine.

    Yeah, get some monitors

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    Oh snap!

    I just noticed you have the pioneer HDJ-1000's, I still have those! solid headphones!

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    Nice one and welcome to DJTT.
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    Nice gear. I have the same Sony speakers
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    very nice little hybrid set up!

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