Reverse-Quantize a loop
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    Default Reverse-Quantize a loop

    Is there a function on Traktor (and/or Serato) which will allow me to 'reverse quantize' a loop?

    Basically a feature where I would have a sample loop let's say 8 notes (with a special/effect on the last note) and no matter when I hit the pad/trigger it will always sync so it always finishes the loop.
    i.e. if there is 8 notes and I hit it with 2 notes left it will only trigger the last 2 notes of the loop (notes 7&8). If there are 5 notes left it plays notes 4-8. If you trigger on the first beat it will play all 8 notes. Trigger on the 2nd beat it plays the last 7 notes (notes 2-8). Trigger on the 3rd beat it plays notes 3-8. Trigger 4th beat, notes 4-8. Trigger 5th beat notes 5-8... etc.
    So that the ending of the loop/phrase is always being played thru, rather than always tigggering from note 1.

    Somehow it would read how many notes are left in the grid and when triggered would only begin with enough notes to finish out the entire phrase of the loop.

    Maybe I'm an idiot and this exists. If so please let me know. Thanks!

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    This exists in Ableton Live. It's called "Legato Mode".

    No idea if it can be done in Traktor/Serato, though. (Sorry).
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