My first "post-worthy" attempt at just grabbing a stack of records and going...

I don't even have a tracklist since I put the records away deeming it not good enough to post, but upon listening to it last night, it was a lot better than I though.

Here's an attempt from memory at some of the songs on there - mostly hard house, UK garage, house, some techno. Lots of stuff reminiscent of what I remembered from my 90's rave days (which I don't remember much BTW)

Ultra Nate - Get It Up (think it was Headrillaz Vocal Mix)
DJ Dan - That Zipper Track (somewhere in the middle/later?)
Adrenaline - Shut The Fuck Up And Dance (can't imagine not putting this one on there, but who knows)
Dirk Diggler & Chest Rockwell (not sure which song)
Jan Driver - Soulshaka (last song, think it was the Club 69 Underground Mix)
Jack Prongo - Movin Through Your System (near the end)
Hatiras - Feel It (think this was near the beginning) might also have put Spaced Invader in there and if so probably near the end
Thick Dick - Welcome To the Jungle (near beginning)
Richard Humpty Vission - Freaks (Keep Rockin')
Chocolate Puma - I Wanna Be U

I'm sure that's as inaccurate as the testimony in a senate hearing, but that's what I think is on there and I'm sure there are a couple others that aren't included in this list. I'll try to make a true determination of songs and order in the next couple of days.