Routing Traktor thru Ableton Live for processing.
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    Default Routing Traktor thru Ableton Live for processing.

    Hey DJTT,
    So I just got my S8 from this DJTT. Thanks for the quick delivery and all.

    Question 1:
    Wondering how to routing audio signals from Traktor thru Ableton Live for further processing using internal routing only. I know Jack OS X does that but I am not sure how would the Cue signal work. I hope I am making sense. If you guys know what I am talking about then please guide me thru this. Do I need an external audio interface for this? I know the the way advance djays work is with 2 computers.

    Question 2:
    I have a Kaoss Pad 3, that I want to use with the S8 somehow. I know simply hooking it up with the RCAs between the S8 and the monitors would do the trick. But here is what I am thinking about, routing only one deck, any one of 4 I want thru KP3 for processing.

    Any ideas?

    Oh and Happy new year to all the DJTTs!

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    Disclaimer: I don't own an S8. There might be a simpler way to do this....It depends on how they implemented the S8's sound card...but I don't think you can send 4 stereo pairs to the S8's mixer from outside traktor...I think you just get access to the master and cue outputs outside of traktor, which is what matters. I'd need to play with one to be sure, and GC still hasn't updated the computer they have their S8 plugged into for Traktor 1.7.

    With that said....I think you need an audio interface, but it's totally doable.

    The first interface that comes to mind as working is the TA10, so I'll write this pretending that's what you're using, but any sound card with 5 analog stereo pairs out and at least one stereo pair in will work.

    What you do is...

    Set the S8's mixer to work off it's analog inputs.
    Run RCA cables from ABCD outputs on the TA10 into the S8's inputs (all set to Line).
    Set Traktor for external mixing (using the sides of the S8 as a controller).
    Set Traktor to use the Jack Audio Device as it's sound card.
    Set the Jack audio device as Live's input and output sound cards.
    Set your Live session however you want.
    You integrate the Kaoss Pad by using the "External Device" live device, and plug it into the master in & out on the TA10.
    In the Jack audio router, send Traktor's outputs to Live's inputs as required and connect Live's IO to the sound card, including the in and out pairs you'll use for the Kaoss pad. This is the confusing step. You will screw it up at least once before you figure it out if you're not familiar with it. But it does work.

    The S8's mixer handles your cue signal.

    You'll probably want to add a controller for Live's effects and whatever routing you decide on for the Kaoss pad.

    It's not simple, but it is doable.

    If you can choose the S8 as Jack's connected sound card and actually send a signal to each of the mixer channels (not just master and cue), you essentially do the same thing but skip the TA10....except that you still need another in and out pair to run the Kaoss Pad.

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    I don't even know how to read this. WOW THANKS. This is in-depth!!!

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    It should be pretty step-by-step. I'd love to help you further, but I'd need to actually have an S8 to make sure there aren't any shortcuts.

    If you need help with a step, there are a lot of people on here that can help you. I think I'm in the minority that's used Jack, and it is the confusing part. It's really powerful....but it's also complex and not the simplest thing to figure out. The tutorials are pretty decent, though.

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    You can absolutely do this completely in the box. Jack OSX is the way to go. Set your queing to channels (3/4). Check out the NI website to see how to synch the two apps with a click track.

    This is the same method used for any audio interface with more than 2 outs. It's not S8 specific.

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