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    Default OFFICIAL BPM Festival Discussion Thread

    Been hearing some nice sets over there.

    Catch some replays here:

    Or hit the main link to see some LIVE sets when they are streaming.

    I really liked the Jaceo and Videc set yesterday:

    and the Technasia and Pleasurekraft sets. (on the right side menu of the above link ^)

    Any thoughts?

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    jaceo and videc's set was pretty dope. that raunchy track was definitely a highlight. i gotta find out who made that version. the set got kinda slow in the middle then they picked up the pace again. i caught part of solomun's set. that was pretty dope.

    it was funny how everyone called that guy on the mic during pleasurekraft's set "mr. moudaber" and "david luiz". i wonder if he's really the owner of the club. the chat on can be full of techno elitists. but sometimes it's enjoyable comedy.

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    lol. Mr. Moudaber !

    that raunchy track is an acapella from a song. It' s in here but I'm not sure it's the original.

    maybe someone on here knows:

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    the original track is actually : Sweet Pussy Pauline - Work This Pussy

    I'm still trying to find the new version.

    Here's the Soundcloud search:

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    did you catch mark knight's set? he took about 12 shots (probably more) throughout the thing. i didn't really notice the booze affecting his playing though. it was definitely a party atmosphere. like when that girl jumped on stage and weiss wanted mark to take a selfie with her. the whole lineup was pretty good for that party. especially adrian hour. the songs he played are kinda just okay on their own but the way he mixed them they complimented each other so well. prok and fitch had a 20 minute stretch of just bangers. i do like my bangers so i thoroughly enjoyed that.

    the tulum beach party has a stacked lineup. should be good. also looking forward to robosonic. curious about sharam and trent cantrelle.

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    i'm running behind. I'll check it out

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    not feeling Mark Knight's set. 1 hour in.

    I really think Pleasurekraft is my #1 so far. I've heard about 10 sets.

    Long way to go.

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    check out Mixcloud as well they have a tag setup for BPM 2015.

    Stacey Pullen was pretty Good

    and Sneak and Doc Martin

    and Mark Fancuilli

    it's been a good line up only wish I could have been there.
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    Soundcloud mislabeled the Pleasurekraft set and Mixcloud doesn't have it up.

    EDIT : found the mixcloud link:
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