Hi all,

I'm trying to use my MFT to trigger both CC patch changes in Mainstage as well as patch changes in a Nord. I'm working with Midipipe (since it's much easier to understand off the bat then Bome for me). I've been able to convert one CC number to program change, but since it's a pipe, I can't effectively do an IF/ELSE statement with multiple Message Converters in a line.

As of now, I think I have two choices to make this work. Supposing I want to send up to 8 program changes:

1. Use multiple pipes (one pipe per program change). Each pipe has an MFT Midi in, a message converter to the desired program change, and then a Midipipe Out output. Not sure if I need to use pass through or not, will need to experiment...

2. Use applescript to perform the program changes. For that, I have the following question(s):

a.) How do I actually do the change with applescript? Is it possible?
b.) Is it possible to do the program changes in a loop inside of the applescript? I've experimented a bit with the repeat statement, but I haven't gotten to work quite right...

Thanks for your time!