DJTT opinion on second hand MBPs?
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    Default DJTT opinion on second hand MBPs?

    So after many years of shunning MBPs for equivalently powered Windows laptops at a third of the price, I have now found that I am done with random clicks and pops that come out of literally nowhere (Some times 5 or 6 hours into a gig).

    This laptop has served me well, but in recent times, playing on different set ups, I've found it to be somewhat "spontaneous" in it's latency reliability, and I just can't be doing with it any more, my gigs are paying too much for me to have a failing laptop.

    I thought I'd look into the second hand MBP market, and surprisingly you can find 2013 MBPs for around 300-400, which as far as I'm aware is a pretty decent price for what you're getting.

    How have you guys fared with second hand MBPs, or do you know anyone who has? As a hardcore Traktor user, what year/power should I be looking for? I'm already resigned to the fact that I will have to use an external HDD, which pains me but from my experience I've never seen a Traktor/MBP combo struggle because of it.

    I'm also aware that the more recent macbooks created a massive issue for Traktor users, both software and hardware, which I'm not sure if NI have fixed yet?

    Should I go for a decent used (2013 and onwards) MBP or spend a considerable chunk of my life savings on a new MBP? It just seems like I'm paying way above the odds with the brand new ones.
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    my own personal opinion is that i dont tend to buy used technology devices unless they are hard to find. technology depreciates faster than cars do because newer better stuff is always coming out every other week ,this causes the people selling it to usually want more than its actually worth compared to just buying new.i constantly see people selling computers on craigslist that are actually more than a newer model at best buy or whatever. then you also deal with little or no support if the other person owned it for long enough to expire the support agreement. and then last but not least, people are usually selling for a reason, the device is obsolete, or functions have stopped working. so yah unless its a rare find, or just a very low price(this makes me cautions too) i just pony up for new tech.

    my .02
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    I have had insane luck with buying used. My last 2 MBs were bought from older gentleman that were convinced they "needed" a mac, they bought one, hated it and sold it weeks after purchase and bought another windows box.

    Generally though, I completly agree with Nafu...

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    +1 to the above as well. Also consider buying refurbished. It's not always as cheap as buying used (if the seller's being straight with you like Nafu pointed out) but you can be more certain that it's been checked out and OK'd.

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    I just recently bought a MBP 15" Late 2011 model with an 256SSD configuration for €700. It had only 80 battery circles and is in a brilliant condition. I use this maschine for music production mainly and it has done a great job so far. Hower I can totally understand that there is a risk when buying a used laptop. I bought mine at a professional store, which is only a few meters away from where I live and has been there for years. So I was pretty sure that they would not sell me some crap. Also you can possibly find stores selling second hand gear with 1 year of warrenty. I don't know if that actually is the case in GB, but here in Germany it's very common.

    I would not buy a used MacBook without having seen it in person before and testing it for some time. Concerning the argument that buying used is not worth it because technology is improving too quickly: If you just compare the specs of a new MBP "13 today with a similar priced 13" or even 15" that may be two years old and used, you will find that probably the used one will be stronger than the new one.

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    I buy used gear all the time. Overall, I have saved a TON of money while having a few scratches and the occasional missing knob to put up with. If you are willing to tinker and don't mind working on your own gear, used is a GREAT way to do.

    I buy used laptops once in a blue moon (the sales on "new" machines are usually too tempting). For any used computer, I want something that is "Factory refurbished" and that comes with some return policy to the place of purchase (30 days?) and a warranty (extended, or whatever). I also will not pay more than 2/3 of "new" prices, and prefer to pay closer to 1/2.

    TEST the !#@$ out of the laptop as aggressively as you can. Get your software loaded on there and go to town from the first day. Test the battery life.
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