Using an S8 and an F1 together...
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    Default Using an S8 and an F1 together...

    Ok, so before i commit serious coin to the S8, i want to know exactly how compatible it is with an F1. i got used to having the F1 for remix decks, I also got very used to using the tekken mapping for instant grat EFX. i kinda still want to have those capabilities but i'm a little leary of how the F1 will affect the S8. will it cause problems? could there be midi mapping issues? is it over kill? if so, does the F1 get relegated to just an EFX button masher now? and how exactly would a 16 button F1 work with/control/override the 8 button S8 in regards to the remix decks?

    and lets go a little further, it seems the S8's controls over EFX is quite intricate with more elaborate controls and sidechains, etc. If i try to run tekken style macros, am i going to lose some of those S8 features and will it cause problems?

    Would love to hear from some NI pros/reps who can really get detailed with a response. Thanks all

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    I have both and didn't have any issues. Although I don't use the tekken mapping, I use my own F1 and keyboard mappings without a glitch.

    Think about it that way: S8 and F1 do not care about each other and traktor is listening to both. So, if you hit buttons/faders/knobs for the same thing at the same time on both controllers, the results are not predictable (good idea to try though, might even sound nice.

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