Hadn't used Traktor in a couple weeks. Fired it up again and it started to hang (become unresponsive) shortly after it loaded up. I just get the spinning disk. Did numerous and thorough uninstalls and reinstalls to no avail. Repaired disk permissions didn't help. This is on a macbook Lion 10.7.5 and Traktor 2.6.8.

Odd thing too is that the Traktor installer fails at the very end on installation but the Traktor app shows up anyways. Never had the Traktor app fail on install before. It may be related though the hanging of the app happened before my initial uninstall and reinstall. Been going through this with NI tech support. It definitely seems to be a mac issue. Why it install fails and/or why Traktor hangs after loading up I have no idea. Note to I have taken out any midi devices and even unplugged audio interface, nothing changes.

Anyone have any idea what is wrong?