Don't buy an Allen and Heath DB2 before reading this!
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    Default Don't buy an Allen and Heath DB2 before reading this!

    Apparently A&H have finally come out and admitted the USB flaw in one of the DJ flagship mixers. The Xone DB2 supposedly A&H answer to the DJM-850 has a little problem staying connected to macs with USB 3.0. Which means audio dropouts and clicks without warning. I have one running on a quad core Macmini and MacBook Air and can tell you that it is the worst experience ever! Epic mixes just go dead, Traktor freezes and have to power off/on the mixer to get the computer to recognize the mixer again.....yes! It sucks! A&H official response is...ya we've know for 2 years but we don't care .see official statement in link

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    At least your mixes are Epic.
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    One of the issues here is that they're blaming A&H, just as NI were blamed with the S4 Mk2 issues when the same thing happened, but how are they supposed to know what Apple were planning? They're one of the most secretive companies around and they answer to no one, they won't bend because a few DJs want compatible gear.

    A&H can't be blamed for this. Okay, they could have handled it better, but it's clear that they've tried to fix it but unfortunately have found that it cannot be done without replacing actual hardware parts.

    Anyone want to take their DB2 apart and put new chipsets into it? Thought not.

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    At least your mixes are Epic.
    And that's what matters.
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    can you just use a 2.0 hub?

    i dont have a AnH, but i do run a 2.0 hub in my 3.0 port on my mac, and have 5 or more 2.0 devices run smoothly.
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