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    Default The NI speculation thread

    So what do we think is next for NI? There's rumours abound that Traktor 3 is imminent due to aspects of the S8, and to be honest I'd expect a new version of Traktor around about now, or at least a massive upgrade.

    What do you think will be the next upgrade on the hardware front though? I think it will be an F1 Mk2 personally. NI usually take around 3 years to upgrade their hardware and I believe (hope) that NI are looking to improve on the F1. Simple silly things like not being able to pitch bend or control the play state of the deck from the F1 are things that should have been in there from the start.

    A lot of people are saying an F1/X1 or some other modular controllers with the NI screens on, but I don't think that's likely to happen. It would require a DC adapter to power the screens and I believe NI would not make them for this reason.

    What do you guys think will be next?

    (Shall we get a betting ring going?)
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    Traktor 3 surely has to be on the horizon, soon...

    And yeah, an F1 hardware update should be next I reckon
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    yah i agree f1 mk2, and sofware upgrade for traktor.what they need to do is improve the interface so that you can cusomize the layout. and have more decks so you can mix on 3 decks and still use stewes isolator ideas. and prolly a z4.

    but no screens on any bus powered devices. i for one am not a huge fan of screens on controls.. it makes you look down all the time, and that makes you look real disconnected. plus they are squintingly small. at least if you position your laptop correctly , you appear to be looking in the general direction of the crowd.
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    Ditto on the TP3 Im also thinking that NI should be bringing out a new mixer since they dropped the price on the Z2 a mid-range price mixer should round out their mixer offerings. It would be cool to see if a F1-MK2 hits the shelves although I couldnt think of what improvements it would offer.
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    I'd like to see a X1/F1 hybrid with elements of both controllers, drum pads and touchstrips (including fader touchstrips that can be switched between FX/EQ/Faders.

    Software wise I'd love so see some addition of a step sequence deck and a midi sequencer deck for triggering midi loops to play with outboard gear or AU's/VST's.

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