The first number of my age has just turned into a new one, which is quite like a border of the progress in life. Therefore in this week Deep Into Souls is a story somehow like my life until now. And maybe you can also find some resonance in it. Featuring tracks from Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Arctic Moon, Simon O'Shine, Rene Ablaze, Suncatcher and many more. Enjoy!!

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1. Hasso - Solar Flare (Original Mix)
2. The Space Brothers & Mark Sherry - Let It Come (The Space Brothers Vocal Mix)
3. Mark Burton - Delusion (August Vila Remix)
4. Navidn2m - Between the Clouds (Club Mix)
5. Tiesto feat. BT - Love Comes Again (Original 12'' Version)
6. Above & Beyond Feat Richard Bedford - Sun & Moon (Club Mix)
7. Rene Ablaze & Dirkie Coetzee - Amsterdam To Pretoria (Dirkie Coetzee Remix)
8. Dallaz Project - Ten Days (Original Mix)
9. Simon O'Shine - Astral 19 (Original Mix)
10. Danny Stubbs ft. ISSA - Voices In The Dark (Amos & Riot Night Remix)
11. Sean Mathews - Equator (Astuni Re-Lift)
12. The Killers - Miss Atomic Bomb (Arctic Moon Remix)
13. Ikerya Project - Consciousness (Ciro Visone Remix)
14. David Gate - The Quest (Tensile Force Remix)
15. Suncatcher - It's Too Late (Original Mix)
16. Cate Kanell & Craig Connelly - Shipwreck (Original Mix)
17. Airforlife - Night Operative (Original Mix)
18. Alex Daf pres. Soulu - Voyager (Progressive Mix)
19. Jose Gonzalez - Stay Alive (Gareth Emery Remix)