Traktor BPM not matching CDJ
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    Default Traktor BPM not matching CDJ

    Hi there, I'm sure this is a really stupid question but I'm literally broken inside trying to fix this.

    I'm using traktor pro in my setup that consists of 2x cdj2000 nexus and a djm900 nexus. However I'm only using it for one of the decks as my friend will be using the other. But there is a problem with the BPMs, traktor and the cdj both read the same bpm and this corresponds to the other cdj not using traktor. However over time they simply move out of sync (like really bad after 30 seconds). The reason behind this setup is that I can use a cdj with traktor while using remix decks alongside and my midi fighter. But with the tracks moving out of sync it makes this practically impossible.

    I'm sure there is an obvious solution to this but I simply can't figure this out, any help would be great

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    Let me try and understand:

    You're using 2 decks, 1 mixer.

    Deck A is a soundcard/HID to Traktor
    Deck B is the CDJ natively using USB/CD

    You are on Deck A, your buddy is on Deck B.

    You are playing a song at say, 126.7 according to the CDJ. But what does Traktor say 126.70? .78? .73?

    Your buddy then tries to mix in his track, un-rekordbox'd or rekordbox'd? If unrekordbox'd, there's your issue right away, as on the fly BMP detection can occasionally be out by a good +-.1

    If rekordbox'd, then bear in mind it only rounds decimal place, even though the CDJ fader is more accurate than that, so one deck can be at 126.65 (126.7) and the other is at 126.74 (126.7). .1 of difference, but the CDJ will say they are the same.

    Your set up, traktor + remix decks + midi fighter is all synced and will keep everything tight. The issue here is Deck B not being able to sync to Traktor and not providing an exact BPM reading.

    Best bet, get the same track that is bang on 128 at +- 0% pitch(Pick any Swedish House Mafia track), use the exact same mp3 file (Transfer it from your laptop to a USB), load up on both decks, make sure that the pitch faders are sat at 0%, press start at the exact same time. Naturally, one will be a little bit out, so nudge one of the decks so they match, and then let it play.

    If it still drifts after this, then yeah there is a major problem, but I honestly believe your issue lies in the BPM rounding error, because I play on the same set up all the time and never encounter issues like this (Apart from the non-traktor one being slightly out due to non-sync)
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