Dink, a well known and respected Detroit producer brings his own unique Detroit flavor to his tracks, as evidenced by his debut track "House You". This track gets your feet tapping from the first beat. "House You" screams Detroit, from the crispness of the percussion to the roll of the kicks. Dink used the vocal as the primary focal point for this track, and it shows. This track is straight from the soul of a Detroit artist. Augustus Williams took this track to task with his Slow Burn remix of "House You". Slow Burn instantly brings you to the darker side of techno. The Slow Burn remix utilizes the same vocal drops, but in that eerie, halloween kind of way. Lingk also took the time to do a Dub House remix of "House You". Lingk, as always has mesmerizing synths throughout the track, the track progresses beautifully, guiding the listener deeper into the mind of the producer. The breakdowns are well orchestrated, and leave the listener on the edge of their seat, waiting for the drop. Again, one of the focuses of this track was that vocal drop, keeping the focus of the original true throughout even the remixes.

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