[Other] Some Disco and funk with tech ending to kick off your weekend
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    Default Some Disco and funk with tech ending to kick off your weekend

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    Mr Slim - Up to No Good
    Nicolas Kotowics - Dont Know (Original Mix)
    Loz Goddard - TJB
    Soulsoup - The Idea (Original Mix)
    Volta Cab & Sportloto - Teens (Eddie C remix)
    Frank Agrario - Nairobi Funk (Original Mix)
    Shyam - My Air (original mix)
    Clouds Testers - This Is Our World (Original Mi
    Ilario - Color Experience
    The Hacker - White Funk (Daniel Maloso remix)
    Zombies In Miami - Interlude
    Papa Marlin - Dirty Shake (Original Mix)
    Dionigi - No Sun (Nebula Mix)
    Bruno Bignotto - Broken Glass
    Filthy French - Lex Talionis
    Downtown Party Network - In the Air (Original Mix)
    Ramon Kreisler - Move (Original Mix)

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    comments and feedback welcomed...

    Little back story on this set. I normally upload a weekly mix and after last week I thought ya know I should change it up a bit so i decided to start hunting for some disco/nudisco/funk/retroish sounding tracks and in the process found some tech tracks id call more deep techno/deep tech house anyhow so this is the outcome. it was a nice change form my normal sets and really kept me on my toes with the mixing as most tracks were 4-5 minutes if that so mixing and track decision had to come very quickly.... this issue was compounded with the fact that this was more of just a listening to some of the new tracks i had picked up in my search so 100% of the tracks were first time i was listening to them.. I would quickly scan the track through and see if I could pick out any vocal bits and kind of be aware of where they were if any so I wouldn't have an issue. however there are a few tracks where the mix is super rushed and then ethers ones where i did a full on bootleg of two tracks..... all in all it was very fun and likely will try to get a couple more of these style sets up its always nice to kind of changes things up. Remind ya why you bob your head and shake when your tapping your foot....

    ohh and a heavy delay and hp filter sweeps really made this fun

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    Some nice grooves in this mix.

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    Thanks likely more to follow with this feel

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