question to s8 users and pretty nice vid of a guy rocking the s8
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    Default question to s8 users and pretty nice vid of a guy rocking the s8

    the guy in this video DOES do some scratching at one point, however it looks to me he is being limited by the stock fader...anyone use one of these controls to scratch

    also im wondering if anyone here had put an innofader in an s8?
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    He is limited, by his skill. I saw and heard a lot of mistakes. I recently bought one. Played with it for a little bit. Fader seems fine, I'm just getting used to it coming from an S4, I don't think I would replace my S4 for this.

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    we are all limited by skill lol.
    can you link me some vids of people scratching(on DVS) that would be more demonstrative of what the stock NI faders are capable of?
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    If you put Qbert or Jazzy Jeff on a S8 it would be on fire put me on a S8 and it'll be like Im on a Playschool record player.
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    I was really hoping for a 4 channel version of the Twitch for serato at NAMM this year. I can only look at this S8 and drool. I'm curious of my 2009 Core 2 Duo 2.6 / 4GB ram macbook can run Traktor Scratch with reasonable latency. Christ I'd like to take it for a test run.

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