Vestax VCI 100 replacement of the VOLUME Fader
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    Default Vestax VCI 100 replacement of the VOLUME Fader


    Firstly, sorry for the quality of my english, I'm french and I don't speak english very well, but this forum seems to be the best place for any question about the VCI 100 (I think I must be the last to use it in France...I don't know...)
    Personaly, I always like to use the controler, so I want to change my fader.

    So, I have problem with my right VOLUME Fader
    I just tell you what is write here "1725-973A+0001" "VR302" "J307" "LT C126" "0844"

    Does anybody know where I can found this stuff ? Vestax is dead, here in France there is no more contact or anything and I haven't found anything about changing fader.

    What is the reference of the fader ? Is it the same than the left fader ? Is it specific only for VCI-100 ?
    I have see you have a dealer on ebay, but I want to found it with the PCB if possible.

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    One of my pitch faders broke and I bought the replacement from eBay.

    Failing that (I just looked and cant see anything, im in the UK), I'm sure you'd pick up a VCI-100 very cheaply off eBay.

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