[Deep House] David Benito @ Deep Mixtape 01.02.2015
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    Cool David Benito @ Deep Mixtape 01.02.2015


    Here is my first mixtape this month. Hope you enjoy. Please share, repost, comment and like!


    Click here to see it on Mixcloud



    Secret Society - Wbls (Original Mix)
    Damiano Von Erckert - Housem
    Percussions - KHLHI (Original Mix)
    Secret Society - I Can't Understand (Original Mix)
    Homework - Conquered Enemies (Original Mix)
    Tuff City Kids - Breacher
    Urban By Choice - Lorelei (Original Mix)
    Lucretio - Want
    Brame - Full Custody
    Thatmanmonkz - Got 2 Get 2 (Original Mix)
    Boyd Jarvis & Lisa Rudolph - Don't Deny Love (Original Main Mix)
    Frits Wentink - Shrewd
    Soulphiction - Born Again (Original Mix)
    Pascal Viscardi - City Chords (Session Victim Dub)
    Francis Inferno Orchestra - Vibrations (Original Mix)
    JTRP - You and Me (Glenn Astro Remix)
    Arto Mwambe - Ombala Mbembo (Original Mix)
    Cuthead - All Night Long
    Tiger & Woods - Deflowered (Original Mix)



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    This was really nice! Pounding grooves with soul.

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    0:00 Nice intro!
    10:00 so far really nice track selection, they fit well together. I must add that it's a little much with all the high/low pass filters though i really like the usage of effects so far (these filters/effects could have been part of the original tracks since i do not know these but i'm guessing they are not).
    24:00 Ok i have to take back my earlier statement, i'm really enjoying this mixtape and the transitions are very minimalistic. Liking this mixtape and have subbed to you on SoundCloud.
    35:00 Haha i guess you added the other track a little too early here? Dope track though, added it to my collection.
    41:00 This transition was a little intense IMO (energy levels of the tracks, nothing wrong with mixing).
    77:30 Yhea those high pass filter thingy's are not really my thing i guess


    Like it a lot, if you were to spin somewhere in my town i would definitely visit that night, solid track selection and proper mixing. Though one thing, I thought the 80 minutes were quite long, for your followers 2 mixes of 40~60 minutes might be more pleasant but i'm not sure of this. (actually this is probably bullshit )

    Edit: Oh and prop's for the tracklist!
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