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To me good electro should sound like the soundtrack to earth being invaded by funky aliens, & I think this fits the bill.

It's been fun to play with different genres of electronic music for these mixes, but going forward I'm focusing strictly on techno. I might do a more laid back mix for the summer or another creepy/depressing mix for October, but that's probably the only times this year I'm going to deviate from straight techno. That's where my heart and soul is, and being away from it for 2 months felt like part of me was missing.

Bodycount – Radioactive Man
H8rz & Swag – Ohverclock
Land of Sin – David Carretta
10 Years – Radioactive Man VS Dexorcist
Triangle Sequence – Glass Figure
Automat – Anthony Rother
Folded Lines (Exaltics remix) – Morphology
Stepping Away – Fleck ESC
Headhunter (Shadow Dancer remix) – S-file, Turbo Turbo
Lost Souls – Pip Williams
It’s Automatic (tribute) – Come and Hell
Zug nach Herr Zimmerman (The Horrorist remix) – Fraulein Z
Banjo (Pariah edit) – Clark
Evolution Stellaire – Umwelt
Close the Gap – Ohverclock
Downwards (Unit Moebius Anonymous remix) – The Exaltics
Subtle Knife – Carreta & Workerpoor feat LOUISAHHH!!!
Snow Dance – Maelstrom
Minitel – TKUZ
Lardossen Funk – Drexciya
Momentum – Anthony Rother
Nice Souls – Sequence Sir