MAC Software - some alternatives needed???
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    Default MAC Software - some alternatives needed???

    I'm trying to set my mate up (he's on Mac) with a system similar to mine for tagging files and creating playlists.

    We spent a lot of time yesterday trying to find a good Mac alternative to MP3Tag - but had ZERO luck. We did find Kid3, but that is just nowhere near as good as MP3Tag...

    Can anyone recommend a good (free) tagging software, similar in layout (ie - 1 main window) to MP3Tag for the Mac?

    Also on the lookout for a free BPM scanning software that writes the BPM to the filename (Mac).

    Thanks in advance, folks!
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    I change tags in Traktor or iTunes.
    Kid3 is powerful but its UI is unusable (for me).
    BeaTunes is iTunes on steroids (but not free).

    What about Rekordbox? It is free and you can edit tags.
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    I use iTunes and then use to do stuff you wanted.

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    I find that if I edit info on Rekordbox sometimes it doesn't copy over to iTunes, or iTunes will override the Rekordbox info...

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