Hi guys, first post.

I was experimenting with recording an 8 beat loop from vinyl into Traktor to use in a sample or remix deck. It worked (eventually) but it seemed a little tortuous and I wondered if there was a better way.

So I set the master tempo by tapping it out to match the record. Turn on the "click". I then rewind the record and release and manually beatmatch with the click track, so the beats on the record match up to traktor master tempo (or at least as close as I can get it). Then once the beat is matched I record my 8 beat loop.

Anyone have any suggestions about an easier way to do this? I think if you could press a button that would "restart" the click/master tempo then I could match the BPM by tapping it out, pull the record back and then hit the button to sync the click track with the record rather than matching the record to the click track.

As for WHY I would want to do this ... well, it just seems like a fun way to plunder my vinyl for sound effects and loops, using equipment I already have.