Auto CrossFade from one deck to another in VDJ 8
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    Default Auto CrossFade from one deck to another in VDJ 8


    I am pretty new to this and have been trying to learn the art through VDJ8.

    I understand the basic of cue points, remixing and automix. But what I have been trying to learn is anothas to how can we transition from one deck to another deck with a autoset cue point on deck 1 that crossfades to a autoset cuepoint on deck 2.

    Would request you guys to please help.

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    If you want to do that why not use ableton mate?
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    Default Vdj8 cue point control


    This can be controlled by what's called "automix points". Load a track in either deck, right-click it on the colored waveform at any spot. In the small window that opens; find the menu item on the left that says "Mix Full Start", left-click it, then drag the green vertical bar to where you want the mix to start. Do the same for "Mix Full Exit" for the end of the song mix point.

    When complete, put another song in that deck to unload the currently selected one (for good measure, to make sure it has saved and been completely unloaded). Then throw in an automix playlist and it should work as I believe you intend.

    Let us know how it goes.

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