General file management question (iTunes, Rekordbox, etc)
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    Default General file management question (iTunes, Rekordbox, etc)

    Some basic file management questions. My current stream is BeatPort -> MiK -> iTunes -> Rekordbox -> USB -> CDJ900.

    • This guide recommends using the iTunes setting that copies tracks to the iTunes Music folder upon import. I find this to be confusing since it creates two libraries (Beatport Download, iTunes Music). Am I missing anything by not having the tracks copy upon import?

    • Bridge can't locate my tracks. I started from scratch - deleted all songs from the iTunes Music folder and from the program's library. I turned off the setting that copies them upon import and then re-imported them from the Beatport folder. I then re-imported them to Rekordbox and refreshed Bridge. The tracks play in iTunes and the Rekordbox Collection tab, but they can't be located in Bridge. What gives?

    It's come to the point where I just spent my limited time on file management that was supposed to go towards DJ'ing. I'm just a bedroom DJ - lord knows how touring artists find the mental capacity to manage this stuff. Makes me want to just spin vinyl :P

    Can someone please chime in on a better way to do this - one that will work no matter the changes each of these softwares make to their system? Best-yet-simple-practices?

    Thanks in advance.
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    On your computer, it's beneficial to have your music files in one place to save space and to keep things organized.*

    I don't use Beatport Download, but I suggest looking at its settings to determine if you can point it to download to your iTunes Media folder. Optionally you could change your iTunes media folder location: Preferences > Advanced.

    You could also leave things as they are, have the files copy to iTunes, and then delete them from your Beatport Downloads folder to avoid having duplicate files on your hard drive.

    The reason to leave "Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized" off is because if you change the tags in iTunes, it will rename the files and thus break any link that other programs have to those files.

    Some people do like iTunes keeping their files in order though. It places everything in artist and album folders for easy organization. This can be helpful if you don't want to manage this yourself. So long as you make all the changes you want to make and then import the tracks into another program, you won't have any files go "missing" in the other program. Just don't change the tags in iTunes after that.

    The other way is to add music manually instead of dragging. You do this by selecting Add Folder or Add File under the File menu. Then you point to the location of the file(s) you want added on your computer.

    In my opinion, the biggest thing to avoid is having a mess of files all in one folder without proper tags. If you ever decide to sort it, it's going to be a nightmare.

    I'm afraid I don't use Rekordbox though, so I can't help there.

    *While it keeps thing to simple to have files in one place on your computer, always make sure they are backed up in at least two other places (external hard drive, Cloud storage, etc.)
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